What We Do

YOUNG & Associates is a full-service Building Consulting company, providing Expert Damage Assessment, Cost Estimating, and Project Management services to our clients across the country, to aid them in defining and controlling costs associated with damaged structures.

Our Mission

We strive to provide the most comprehensive, and highest quality, Building Consulting services to our clients across the country to help assist them in controlling costs associated with building damages. Our Building Experts are well-versed in a wide range of Building Damage Assessment and Estimating, and are able to define accurate scopes of damage, and establish appropriate cost values required for building repairs. Our consultants are team players, whose primary goal is to facilitate both fast and fair resolution to property loss claims.

Our Areas of Expertise

Bid Package Management
Cost Estimating and Consulting
Environmental Consulting
Scope of Repair Summaries
Building Damage Assessment
Dispute Resolution
Project Control/Clerking
Schedule/Critical Path Analysis


We bring our founder’s core values of KNOWLEDGE, INTEGRITY, and PROFESSIONALISM to each of our consulting projects.


Our Building Consultants bring their KNOWLEDGE to your project based on their professional experience in the construction industry; including Project Management, Design, and Engineering.


“We don’t play games with our estimates.  They are what they are.”

Ray Young


Our consultants always strive to bring PROFESSIONALISM to all of their consulting efforts; whether it be a boardroom meeting, a complicated estimate and report, or a jobsite conference.