Our Services

YOUNG & Associates offers unparalleled Building Damage Expertise, via a nationwide network of Expert Building Consultants.

As a full-service firm, we offer a complete line of consulting services to ensure your project is handled correctly. As an approved vendor for most all major insurance companies, we are able to get involved quickly to help assist guiding projects to a successful outcome.

Bid Package Management

In order to establish the correct and fair price to repair a damaged structure, often obtaining competitive bids from the local construction marketplace is the best solution. YOUNG & Associates offers Bid Package Management Services to facilitate this often complex process, including preparing bid packages and analyzing contractor proposals received.

Building Damage Assessment

Correctly assessing and establishing the proper scope of repairs to restore a damaged structure to it’s pre-loss condition is the crucial step in resolving any property claim. YOUNG & Associates team of Building Consultants have the expertise to correctly identify, quantify, and document a project to facilitate successful resolution.

Cost Estimating and Consulting

Our consulting force is well-versed in all industry-standard estimating platforms, including CSI, Sage/Timberline, Xactimate, Marshall-Swift, and many more. Further, our team has the construction “chops” to recognize when a reference price isn’t going to address the situation at hand. We also regularly seek out market pricing and issue RFP’s for real, local construction pricing when that is what it takes to resolve a claim.

Dispute Resolution

With many years of experience in the construction industry, the YA team is eminently qualified to help settle disputes by providing an impartial and arms-length viewpoint. Whether via arbitration, the appraisal process as either Umpires or Appraisers, or Expert Testimony, YOUNG & Associates is prepared to assist in resolving claim disputes.

Environmental Consulting

Our Enironmental Division, led by Dr. Daniel Bernazzani, PhD, consists of over 50 IICRC-trained Building Consultants with expertise in Water, Fire, and Mold damages. With the Remediation phase of a water or fire loss being so critical (and expensive), investing in YA’s Environmental Consulting Services can save significant time and money on a loss.

Project Control / Clerking

For remediation and repair work being done on a time and material basis, YOUNG & Associates offers Project Control Services to monitor and document activities onsite. Depending on the project, this can yield a variety of benefits, including increasing efficiency of jobsite operations, controlling costs by confirming equipment and labor is reduced when appropriate, and providing a detailed and independent audit of onsite activities to facilitate approving contractor invoices later.

Schedule / Critical Path Analysis

On claims involving extended General Conditions costs, Liquidated Damages, or Business Interruption costs, time literally IS money. An expert analysis of the reconstruction schedule, or claimed delays to other schedules, is a critical component to arriving at a fair resolution to a damage claim.

Scope of Repair Summaries

When a project calls for preparing a detailed scope of repairs without pricing, YOUNG & Associates can provide detailed scope lists, diagrams, as well as rolled-up summaries. With our proprietary database estimating system, we can prepare summaries for thousands of structures at whatever level of detail desired.